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Mother’s Day Set #1

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Mum, pottery is my love letter to you. In silence I think of you. And every stroke is a word, not spoken but engraved. The pieces that I make will never be perfect, but they will always be true as my love for you.

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“Something made of the hand is so special, it inherently adds soul and dimension within a space.”- Kelly Wearstler

The plate: This plate can compliment any food and can serve any occasion. With its aesthetics, you can leave a lasting impression to your guests or family members. Next time you crave for a good steak or a moist chocolate cake, you would remember having it on a plate that’s just as good as how the food looked and tasted.

The cup: Cups typically come with handle for portability but Little Bruns leaves them handleless for a reason. Gently wrap your hands around our little cup while it rests on a flat surface. This will let you feel its energy and warmth while savouring the flavour & aroma of your favourite tea or coffee.

All pieces in this set are:

– Handmade using earth, water, air, fire, and (lotsa) soul.
– Dishwasher-safe, though they love being pampered with hands.
– Microwave-safe, though they could get very hot when heated for longer than 2 mins.

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Weight 1285 g

1 review for Mother’s Day Set #1

Rated 5 out of 5
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Rated 5 out of 5

I remember finding Little Bruns on Instagram just a week before this dropped and set an alarm on my phone to try and snaffle this on launch. Somehow, the ceramics gods were on my side and I was able to start my collection with these pieces. The plate is beautifully shaped and the colours are simply gorgeous. The matching cup is even cuter-the pink glaze inside is such a delight. When ever I take this to my local coffee shop I always get requests because it is such a beautiful piece!