All of our pieces were handmade either on a pottery wheel or using our own mould. Each piece came out of a long process unique and strong – Designed, crafted, photographed, and narrated the Little Bruns way.

About this Batch

Palayok (pronounced pa-la-yok) is a Filipino ceramic vessel that the first peoples would make for daily life use and ceremonial use. It has its equivalent in many early cultures in the world.

We are making a whole collection around palayok, exploring the many forms and functions that the vessel is known for – from cooking to serving and food storage. For this batch, we start with rice/soup bowls with lid. Next batch, we introduce our palayok take on dinner plates.

One Home at a Time

Little Bruns is all about spreading happiness, and we put our customers first in every thing we do. Here’s what some of our customers feel about us.

Rated 5 out of 5

This set is well crafted and beautiful. I really enjoy using it on my tea time! The aesthetics has a wabi sabi feel to it. These guys really put their heart and soul in their work. Highly recommended


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