About Little Bruns

My name is Bien and I design and make tableware from our humble abode in Naarm, under the pseudonym of Little Bruns. I started my ceramic journey in 2019 in my quest for a creative outlet. My work is inspired by people and my life experience.

I have a lovely husband whose love language is act of service (if not cooking). We share love for food and art. Even before we started Little Bruns, we have always looked at our dining table as a symbol of many things. This is the place where we come together to nourish each other, to share experiences, and to celebrate important milestones. And that, we know, is universal.

Little Bruns aims to bring back the good old days of dining experience. We envisage a table where people, from all walks of life, see food as an art and art as a food for the soul.

Little Bruns is not a ceramic brand, it is a dining experience. And we are here to tell a story.

Abyan Hills, Our Love Letter to the Philippines

On this land will rise Abyan Hills – Little Bruns’ home in the hinterland.

This 9-acre property will feature a ceramic studio and a farmhouse serving our favourite Filipino and Australian dishes, and offering locals and travellers a dining experience that starts with the artisan process of making tableware. Little Bruns combines food and art and with this beautiful natural setting, it is a retreat for healing mind, body and soul, and immersing in nature.