All of our pieces were handmade either on a pottery wheel or using our own mould. Each piece came out of a long process unique and strong – Designed, crafted, photographed, and narrated the Little Bruns way.

About this Batch

Palayok (pronounced pa-la-yok) is a Filipino ceramic vessel that the first peoples would make for daily life use and ceremonial use. It has its equivalent in many early cultures in the world.

We are making a whole collection around palayok, exploring the many forms and functions that the vessel is known for – from cooking to serving and food storage. For this batch, we start with rice/soup bowls with lid. Next batch, we introduce our palayok take on dinner plates.

One Home at a Time

Little Bruns is all about spreading happiness, and we put our customers first in every thing we do. Here’s what some of our customers feel about us.

Rated 5 out of 5

After successfully collecting a number of Bien’s pieces for myself, my husband was adamant that he have his own piece. This absolutely gorgeous mug has become his favourite and has turned a morning coffee into a lovely daily ritual. The handle shop is somehow delicate but also sturdy and the mug itself is beautifully shaped. The glaze choice is fantastic and the gloss plays off the texture surface perfectly. It is all the little details that make purchasing a work from Little Bruns an absolute treat. If you are looking for an elevated everyday mug to bring a little bit of beauty to your daily caffeination, grab one of these pieces!

Rated 5 out of 5

After snaffling Mother’s Day Set #1 for myself and loving the pieces, this set was still somehow available on the website which I immediately grabbed. This plate is also beautifully made–it feels sturdy in my hand and the glaze is so vibrant. The matching cup has the loveliest colours and is so well made. It’s also worth noting that the packaging these pieces arrive in is not only beautiful but ecologically friendly and ensures all your ceramics are safe in transport. Unwrapping these is like opening a present to yourself!


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